Seminars are events lasting for at least a day with the aim to help members develop their Aikido techniques. 

As well as providing great opportunities to enhance what you have learnt both in body art and weapon, seminars are also times to get together.



In light of the current pandemic, it is likely that all the information below will be subject to changes. 

Beginner’s Seminar: 

  1. The first seminar of the year!
  2. Normally held in October or November

Christmas Seminar:

  1. Where we do our grading (Haha don’t worry the fail rate isn’t too high)
  2. In the Christmas season of December, of course ~~

Weapon Seminar: 

  1.  Weapons, weapons, weapons
  2.  Beginning of February

Spring Seminar:

  1. The biggest, biggest event of the year!
  2. Mid February 

Somerset Seminar:

  1. Hosted by our head dojo Ei Mei Kan 
  2. Lasting for a weekend
  3. In the sunny June~~


Warwick dojo has the proud tradition of hosting and participating in five seminars and every year.

For the autumn term, we have the Beginner’s Seminar and the Christmas Seminar. The first is hosted on campus and the latter is normally at Ei Mei Kan dojo lead also by Mooney Sensei in Birmingham. It is customary that gradings will take place during the Christmas Seminar.

Beginners’ Seminar(2017)

Christmas Seminar (2019)

For the weapon-based spring term, we have the Weapon Seminar and the biggest event of the year–the Spring Seminar. The former aims to develop members’ weapon techniques and the latter sees important and experienced senseis and aikidokas coming to teach.

Weapon Seminar (2020)

Spring Seminar (2017)

For the exam-heavy summer term, we have the Somerset Seminar which is co-hosted by Ei Mei Kan and Warwick Dojo in the lovely county of Somerset. Lasting for a weekend, it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy Aikido in nature.

Somerset Seminar (2018)