F & Q

For questions related to our Term 1 arrangements, please refer to this page. 


Q: I am a complete beginner in martial arts, would it be much of a problem for me joining the club?

A: That’s not a problem! In fact most of the members in the club have little or even no foundation in Aikido or any other Japanese martial art, but they end up doing great!


Q: Is the club selective?

A: No. All you need to enter into the club is your interest in Aikido itself.

Q: It’s already week 6 can I still join?

A: Yes of course! Though do please remember to purchase the SU membership and club pass first.

Q: I don’t have a gi, can I still come to training?

A: If you are a current member who has brought/been given a gi, then it is required that you wear them for training. But if you are new to the club, then it’s fine to come in your own sports wears, just remember to bring a pair of flip-flops


Q: I have lectures during the time of the Monday morning sessions, so I worry that I might miss too much content.

A: The Monday morning sessions are there for students to review the techniques and postures they have learnt before. They are purely conducted by club members and not Sensei, meaning that you will not miss any new things.