Term One Info

Training is still happening in term 1 at Warwick Aikido. However, we would like to raise your attention to the following information and changes:

Disclaimer: All sessions will be carried out under the National Governing Body and the University guidelines and regulations.



FACE MASKS need to be worn throughout trainings.

-Training will be limited to solo ukemi, tai sabaki excercises and weapons




-Make sure to SIGN UP  in advance for any session you wish to attend.
-Registration is open A WEEK in advance.
-Please ONLY sign up for sessions you are certain to come.
-Please CANCEL your registration if you cannot attend the sessions.
-Nobody without a sign up may enter the building (sports hub).
-For the FIRST THREE WEEKS anyone can sign up for FREE, however, after that only those with a full SU membership can use the sign-up system.
-Please gather in front of the main entrance of the sports hub 10 MINUTES before each session.
-If you are living on campus, coming changed helps to prolong the training time.


-Only an amount of 14 PEOPLE are allowed to train in the combat room so make sure to sign up for sessions as soon as possible.

For university regulations and guidelines please kindly refer to the COVID-19 Updates and COVID-19 FAQs from the SU and Warwick Sports. 



-Carried out under guidelines and regulations of the National Governing Body and the University. 

-Online/With social distancing and masks.