Dojo Information


We train body-art, jo and bokken across various sessions. For those truly wishing to experience Aikido, attendance to all three sessions is recommended.

  • Monday:       09:00- 11:00     Sullivan Sensei
  • Wednesday: 20:00- 22:00    Mouthuy Sensei
  • Friday:           14:00 - 16:00    Mooney Sensei

Getting to the dojo:

The Combat Room is situated in the Sports and Wellness Hub.

University of Warwick Cryfield Village, Leighfield Rd, Coventry CV4 7EU

Membership Fees

As we are a sports club affiliated with the university, all members are required to sign up and pay an administrative registration fee which is received by the Student Union.

Detailed information and updated prices set by the University can be found here. These include:

  • On-campus Warwick Sport Club Pass:     £66
  • Student's Union Sports Federation Fee:  £32
  • Warwick Aikido club joining fee:               £6

Prices stated above as of January 2021.

In addition to this, Warwick Aikido charges training fees which go towards instructor fees and maintenance of club equipment. We operate a flexible payment system which allows members to choose a payment plan most suitable to their schedule.

  • Per Session - £3.50
  • Per Term     - £50
  • Yearly           - £125 (£25 discounted)