Current Execs

I am a 3rd year Economics student from Hungary. I’ve been part of the club since starting out at Warwick. It has been an integral part of my journey here, particularly last year, when I fulfilled the role of Vice President. I joined as a beginner and from day 1, I loved being constantly inspired by Seniors and Juniors alike to improve at Aikido and become a better person overall. The world of Aikido is an incredibly honest and loving community and with Mooney Sensei as our teacher, the amount of lessons to be learned is unlimited. Everyone’s journey in Aikido is paved with challenges, and so has been mine so far, but the biggest one is yet to come. When I ran for President in February I had no idea what was coming for us in the post-Covid world. We are here to do our best for the club in this strange new world. Being part of the exec has been a wonderful experience, and I am certain that with our team of fresh talent, this year will not be any less fun than the last two amazing years.

Hi there! I’m Alexia Huang, currently a second year Mathematics student and the Vice President of Gen Sen Jyuku. I joint the club at the beginning of my first year when everything about uni was still unknown to me. Expecting to be intimidated by all the experienced practitioners, I was surprised by how warm and welcoming the atmosphere was. I quickly felt part of the group and looked forward to training with everyone and seeing them at socials. Over the past year, aikido has become a huge part of my life in uni, and I would love to pass on this amazing experience to anyone who’s interested!

Hi! I’m Fu Ge Yang, an UG History student at Warwick University. I am the club secretary for 2020 to 2021. Entering the world of aikido is perhaps one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far. Not to exaggerate, with little martial art experience before joining Warwick aikido, I have surprised myself by how quickly I have fallen in love with the art form, with its traditions, its history and most importantly, the techniques and mindset to approach aikido taught by Chris Mooney sensei and many other mentors and seniors. Whilst as a university student, the Gen Sen Jyuku community really was the invitation which introduced me to so many of my close friends, respected mentors and gave me a needed anchor for navigating through university life.

I hope, both as a member and as a part of the executive team, to ensure everyone also have such positive experiences in this incredible and absolutely amazing society!

Being a part of aikido has been one of the best experiences of my university life. A heavy part of that can be attributed to the friends I've made and the sense of community in the club. I was really made to feel at home as a new member and had countless fun experiences with the others in the club. Whether it be having a fun night out or even movie nights. As the social sec, I hope that I can give new members the same experience I enjoyed!

Being a second-year Engineering student and having never done any martial arts before, it was clear that this was the perfect society to join in week 8. Despite that the relaxed vibe of the people and society allowed me to settle in easily; and as an Exec this year I hope to recreate such an inviting environment for new members, no matter how Aikido ends up being practised within the current global situation. As the Treasurer of the society, it’s my job to keep the club solvent. From paying Sensei to funding socials I hope to do all I can to keep the club afloat.

omnes res bene cadent

Hi Yanni here! I’m a second year History of Art student and the Marketing Exec of Gen Sen Jyuku.

My Aikido journey started off with me researching Aikido when planning for my Welcome Week schedule. I found myself deeply intrigued by the philosophy and tradition behind the sport and keen to explore more. Naturally I was lured into the combat room for the demo on the day and never managed to emerge since (just joking).Interest soon developed into further dedication having participated in the two taster sessions conducted by Mooney Sensei who embodied both humour and wisdom while teaching. Additionally, the seniors and my fellow new comers in the club also showed great support both for life within and outside Aikido training. Something I found truly thankful and valuable.

As a member and one of the Execs of this wonderful society, I just hope to make sure that everyone, old and new, can enjoy Aikido as much as possible even in light of the pandemic, and that this lovely community can continue to flourish and grow~